There is something about a pile of furniture at the side of the road that makes my heart skip a beat. My mind immediately thinks of all the DIY projects I have pinned on my Pinterest board. One day after work I spied just such a pile near my neighborhood. Never mind I was driving a small sedan rather than a truck. Never mind what my husband might say. A crib with a FREE sign was screaming my name. So I crammed it in my car and headed for home.

Like a proud peacock, I drug my latest score into the house, much to the chagrin of my husband and daughter. Ignoring their eye-rolling and heavy sighs, I pulled up my Pinterest boards and began dreaming of the possibilities.

Like most of my great ideas, they take a backseat to life and into storage my treasure went. Tired of my husband’s threats to pitch my DIY project, I finally got to work on a plan. In less than an hour it was up and decorated. Why had I put that off for so long?

I wiped the crib rail down with Murphy’s Oil wipes.  Mounting it on the wall wasn’t hard at all. I knew I wanted clips on it so it could be very functional, especially since it was right near our front door. Keys, a dog leash or flashlight could hang from the hooks already on the crib rail.

I found these cool clips and decorations in my craft supplies. You can find similar ones at Michael’s Arts and Crafts. A hot glue gun worked just fine for mounting. I decided not to use the canning jar tags for now.


Viola! The clips are perfect for holding tickets to an upcoming show, library receipt or other important items.


The tin sign can hold postcards or photos, adding a decorative touch.

What will you create today?