Exploring Birds and Eggs with Iris

I care for our granddaughter during the summer months while the school I teach at is on summer break. Iris just turned 4 months old and she is such a delight! She is very alert and already seems so curious about the world. She does not care for tummy time however, so I used a few of the activities from Experience Baby: Birds and Eggs to make this time just a bit more enjoyable for her. This is a new curriculum offered by Mother Goose Time.

I began by playing the CD that came in the kit.

I held Iris on my lap while the Waiting to Hatch song played. I rocked her back and forth while holding her in a sitting position as she would rather be upright than other position right now. I then slowly moved her to the boppy pillow. I had gathered plastic eggs and a few other items while she was taking a nap. Once she seemed comfortable, I showed her the plastic egg. To my delight, she reached for it! She has become more interested in reaching for toys and very determined to actually touch what she is reaching for. Then, after a few moments, I played the I Lost My Egg track. Each song is listed with the type of activity that could be done with the song, along with its purpose. So for this particular song, it is classified as “Peek-a-Boo/Where Is It?” and the purpose “a playful song supports cognitive concepts (such as object permanence and spatial awareness) by hiding and finding objects.”

As suspected, she lost interest after a moment once I covered the egg with a cloth diaper. I suspect she will look for an item that has been hidden from view when she is between 8 to 12 months. That is when the idea of Object Permanence should kick in, or the idea that something isn’t really gone when it is hidden.

Iris prefers to gradually move from one activity to the next, so I waited a few moments and watched her body language for cues that she may be ready. One of my favorite pieces of this curriculum are the activity cards. Among them is a card titled, “Let’s Play” which has a list of simple body language clues that baby is interested and wants to continue playing. Flip the card over and “Let’s Pause” gives a list of body language clues that may indicate baby needs a break.

Iris was still looking at me, smiling with her eyes open and bright, so I introduced a photo card from the kit. I showed her the cardinal and said, “tweet tweet.” I then placed it on the floor. Then I introduced a toy car to her and drove it around in front of her making engine sounds as I drove it. When I got to the bird, I stopped and said “tweet, tweet.” I did this until Iris seemed to realize she was having tummy time and wanted a switch in body positions. This activity came from one of the cards in the kit. I absolutely love how the activities are broken into age ranges: Young Infant, Older Infant and Young Toddler. I can see how we will get a lot of use of this one box. I will try a new theme in a month or so, then come back to this one again when she is an older infant.

Watch for more posts as we continue to explore Birds and Eggs during our time together. Until then, “tweet, tweet!”


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