Gift Sets 50% Off at Walgreens

More Items for Your Gift Box


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Walgreens has Valentine Gift Sets for 50% off right now. If you read my earlier posts on my savings at Toys R Us and fye, you’ll remember I shop for gifts, especially Christmas gifts all year long. I realize the above gifts were sold for Valentine’s Day. However, they can become a gift for a Secret Santa at work, your babysitter, teenage niece, etc. Simply remove the heart tag and you are all set.

The smaller gift sets were only $1.49 and the larger one was only $2.49.

Buy a large Rubbermaid container, label it “GIFTS,” then slowly add items to it all year long. To paraphrase advice from Dave Ramsey, financial guru, Christmas comes ever year, so get ready for it. The same advice could be applied to birthdays. This method is so much easier on your budget and will greatly reduce your stress levels as a holiday or birthday approaches.

I hope you have found this tip helpful. Happy Savings to you!

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