The Art of Learning 

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Bugs and Crawly Things was an absolute hit with my preschool class. I was able to reach ALL of my kiddos and in ways that were meaningful to them as individuals. Our Mother Goose Time curriculum makes it very simple for me to cover the various learning domains as well. 

I have children that clamor for their turn at the art table, whether it be the open-ended Invitation to Create or the Make and Play. Children learn about the daily topic through engaging conversation and are presented a wide variety of materials to use to their liking. Individuality and creativity is encouraged. You won’t find samples or models at our table. 

The children are allowed long periods of time to explore our STREAM (Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Arts and Music) learning centers where teachers observe, guide and document their experiences. I will mainly focus on the arts in this post. 

Each month, our curriculum kit comes with theme music. Dancing to Grasshopper Hop, connects what we learned about the parts of an insect and their purpose, with music and movement. It is also a great way to practice listening skills. ​ 

You can see a Video clip here

Creating an insect with dough is more meaningful to preschoolers than a worksheet because it engages their entire body and mind, making important emotional connections, too. See a clip here. 

Chanting and moving our body while learning the parts of an insect stimulates brain cells and imprints lasting information in the brain, compared to auditory or single-sense activities. See one of our small groups in action!

Any time you can connect classroom learning with a hands-on field trip is wonderful, too! We visited the Grand Traverse Butterfly House and Bug Zoo and had many conversations about our experiences as we looked through the photo album on our class iPad. Check with your area Zoo or Children’s museum for butterfly and other insect exhibits. 

Enjoy the learning process! 


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